• USA Vintage Meal Combat Individual Sealed New
  • USA Vintage Meal Combat Individual Sealed New

USA Vintage Meal Combat Individual Sealed New

These are new sealed Meal Combat Individual units from a SEALED case. Great collectors items! Good condition. Rare rare find.

All Menus come from the same Case, Production 1978.

These are collectors items only! Condition may vary, no refunds, no returns. Products will be shipped from EU!

Meal, Combat, Individual (MCI):

  • Replaced the C-Ration beginning in 1958.
  • Used extensively in Vietnam.
  • Evolved from the C-Ration (used same metal containers as C-Rations).
  • Redesigned food packaging to provide an individual meal rather than an entire ration
  • Each MCI weighed approximately 2.7 pounds and contained about 1200 calories.
  • Components almost identical to the C-Ration components but with more variety.
  • 12 different meals per case with increased variety of canned meats.
  • Less monotony and menu fatigue

Meal Combat, Individual

The Meal, Combat, Individual is the first ration which has been adopted to meet the new subsistence concept of supplying nutritionally balanced meals rather than rations. It replaces the Ration, Combat, Individual (C Ration) which was used so extensively in World War II.

The Meal, Combat, Individual, is designed for issue either in individual units as a meal or in multiples of three as a complete ration. Its characteristics emphasize utility, flexibility of use, and more variety of food components than were included in the Ration, Combat, Individual (C Ration) which it replaces. Twelve different menus are included in the specification. Each menu contains one canned meat item; one canned fruit, bread or dessert item; one B unit; an accessory packet containing matches, chewing gum, toilet paper, coffee, cream, sugar, and salt; and a spoon. Four can openers are provided in each case of 12 meals.

Each meal furnishes approximately one-third of the minimum nutrient intake prescribed by Army regulations.

Typical Menus

Beefsteak Beefsteak & Potatoes w/ Boned Chicken
Pears Gravy Bread
B-1 Unit Pecan Cake Roll B-3 Unit
Crackers (7) B-2 Unit Cookies
Candy Disc Crackers (4) Cocoa Beverage Powder
Peanut Butter Cheese Spread Jam
Accessory packet Accessory packet Accessory packet

Meals/case: 12
Weight/case: 25-26 pounds
Weight/meal (less shipping case): 1.63 pounds
Cube/case: .8713 cubic feet
Cube/meal: .052 cubic feet
Calories/meal: 1200 minimum
Specification: MIL-M-35048