Spanish Armed Forces Individual Combat Ration (ICR) foreign MRE

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SPANISH ICR (Individual Combat Ration)


You are purchasing a VERY RARE and much sought after MRE from the Spanish Armed Forces with tantalizing entrees such as squid in Ink, and octopus with garlic

Best by date is 2021 and 2022.

Ration pack also has water purification, stove and fuel among other handy accessories.The entrees in this ration are known to be TOP NOTCH among the rest of the world. No other nation has these delicious entrees! Squid in Ink, Galician stew, Quince, you won't find these in ANY OTHER RATION! Contents photo is an example (A-3 menu is shown).

Best By Date: Best by date is 2021 and 2022.

Choose your MENU NUMBER (A-1, B-1, Breakfast etc) from the drop down menu!

Meal A “Lunch”

Main dish (grams)

Side (grams)

Fruit cream (grams)



Lentils stewed with chorizo and Spanish bacon (300)

Mackerel in oil (120)

Apple Cream (50)



Galician Stew (300)

Squid in its own ink (115)

Quince Cream (50)



Madrilenian Stew (300)

White tuna in oil (115)

Peach cream (50)



Green beans with chorizo (300)

Sardines in oil (115)

Apricot cream (50)



Tuna Salad (195)

Lean Pork (200)

Pear cream (50)


Accessories in all menus

Water purification tablets

Glucose Tablets

Vitamin C tablets


Meal B “Dinner”

Main dish (grams)

Side (grams)

Fruit (grams)

Spread (grams)


Sausages with tomato (200)

Octopus with garlic (110)

Peaches with syrup (190)

Spread (60)


Meatballs with peas (200)

Sardines with tomato (115)

Fruit cocktail (190)

Spread (60)


Beef with sauce (200)

Pickled mackerel (120)

Pear with syrup (190)

Spread (60)


Beef with peas (200)

White tuna with oil (115)

Fruit cocktail (190)

Spread (60)


Green beans with Spanish Ham (200)

Calamari in oil (115)

Peaches with syrup (190)

Spread (60)

Folding Stove

Solid Fuel tablets

Dental Hygiene gum

Disinfecting gel

Hydration tablets

Breakfast contents: 

1)18gr cocoa powder sachet(contains sugar)/ 2*2gr coffee powder

2)Condensed milk tube 75gr

3)Cereals with fruit and honey 30gr/Fruit jam(apricot, plum or raspberry) 25gr 4)Sweet crackers/cookies 80gr 5)Chocolate bar 25gr

Contents may vary. Granola, cereal, toothbrush with toothpaste, etc.

I ship same or next business day priority 2-3 days in all US states! 

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