Slovenian Armed Forces 24 hour combat ration pack

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Slovenian Armed Forces 24 hour Combat Ration Pack! Extremely rare, from a little known eastern European nation. Definitely one of the more interesting combat rations in the world. Includes Vitamin Bon Bons, Flameless Ration Heaters (with water included already), Porcini Mushroom Pot. exclusive!


Contents: Porcini Mushroom Pot (freeze dried), Chicken and Potato Stew, Vitamin Enriched Bon Bons, Energy Bar (2), Chocolate, Jam, Chocolate Muesli with Whole Milk (freeze dried), Yogurt dessert with berries (freeze dried), Fish and Vegetable Pate, Tuna Fish in Olive Oil, Bread Substitute (2), Chewing Gum, Anti-septic wet wipes (3), Coffee instant, Coffee Creamer, Instant Tea, Vitamin-Mineral Drink Mix, Sugar (2), Can opener, Waste Bag, Matches, Cutlery.

 Besty By January 31st, 2017

Sample contents photo below


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