• Pepper King Habanero Kessel Chips
  • Pepper King Habanero Kessel Chips
  • Pepper King Habanero Kessel Chips

Pepper King Habanero Kessel Chips

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Pepper King Habanero potato chips á 125 g
Yes, here is not only Germany's sharpest chips, but also the chips with the full Habanero taste. Taste of potato, paprika a touch of smoke and habanero chili. A pleasure to enjoy these chips. Our potatoes are unpeeled processed, in organic quality and boiled in the kettle (kettle chips). But we decided not to write anything on the bag and concentrated on the essentials. Sharp Habanero Chips, "Hasta la Vista Baby"!

I hereby certify to our customers that who eats these chips, the risk comes to be addicted. Please only eat the part as stated on the bag. When eating larger quantities or a whole bag at once, the addictive factor also increases. 

What do the customers write that tried the first samples?

Dear Pepper-King Team, 
with full anticipation we were now allowed to test the new chips. We were very curious if they could compete with our beloved "Blairs". And yes! You can! Smell: sweet peppers and spices, with a nice potato note. Taste: Definitely convincing. Nice spicy, more peppers than "Blairs" and absolutely similar in terms of sharpness. Consistency: Super crispy and crispy - just great! 
Best regards! 

Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil, salt (partially smoked), paprika, spice extract, habanero chili, sugar, garlic, natural flavor.