• Kuchenmeister koala cookies german original

Kuchenmeister koala cookies german original

  • € 6.00

Chocolate filled koala shaped cookies, great for kids or simply snacking.

We offer 2 different types of these cookies

-With a small toy in the packaging, perfect for kids and not illegal in the US, as the toy is outside the candy.
-Without the toy, for those who simply want them to snack.

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63% Cocoacreme (Sugar, palmfat*, MILKSUGAR, 18% Cocoa, MILKPOWDER, Emulsifier: SOYLECITHINE; natural aroma), Wheatflour, Starch, Palmfat*, Sugar, EGGS, Canolaoil, Salt, Backtriebmittel: Ammoniacarbonate, Sodiumcarbonate; Caramelsugarsyrup. (*certified Fair-trade Palmoil). This Product can contain Traces of NUTS.

Allergy notes:

Contains: Milk and Milkproducts (including Lactose). Milksugar (Lactose). Soy and Soyproducts. Wheat and Wheatproducts (gluten). Eggs and Eggproducts. can contain: Nuts and Nutproducts.