COVID-19 Prevention Policy

As an essential company, we continue to operate more or less as normal through the current pandemic. 

Safety and health has ALWAYS been our top priority, even before this outbreak. 

However we have increased our disinfection and prevention protocols to the highest level. 

Here are our new prevention measures: 

1) All employees already wear latex gloves which are changed after handing incoming packages, and before handling new outgoing packages. You order will always be handled with a clean pair of gloves. 

2) All incoming packages (cardboard) are allowed to passively disinfect for minimum 24 hours before handling with gloves as above. 

3) All working surfaces are disinfected before and after packing orders to go out. 

4) All surfaces are disinfected at the beginning and end of the work day.

5) All packers are masked at all times. 

6) All personnel abide by "stay at home orders". Packages are placed outside for pickup by couriers. No person to person contact will take place.