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Russian IRP-P single meal MRE

This is the Russian IRP-P single meal MRE. It is used for private security, government defense and contractors of Russian Federation departments. 

It is very compact and light but still contains over 1,800 calories. This is substantially more than a USA MRE.

Best by date is 2021 and 2022.

Comes packaged in a strong dark green plastic container 180 mils thick. This will easily fit in a cargo pocket and easy to take along on a hike, paintball, boating etc. 

Menu 2
1. Army Biscuits 100g (2pcs)
2. Buckwheat with Beef (Kasha) 250g 
3. Cheese Spread 80g
4. Sweetened Condensed Milk 100g
5. Antibacterial Wipe
6. Isotonic Drink concentrate 25g 
7. Tea 2g
8. Sugar 20g 
9. Salt 5g
10. Pepper 1g
11. Chewing Gum 2pcs
12. Candy
13. Portable Stove with fuel tabs
14. Waterproof Matches (6pcs)
15. Napkins (2pcs)
16. Spoon