• Russian IRP-U
  • Russian IRP-U
  • Russian IRP-U

Russian Army IRP-U Special Reinforced 24 hour combat ration pack

This is an exclusive Russian IRP-U (reinforced) 24 hour combat ration pack. This ration packs nearly 5 lbs of food with an additional special emergency food module! Not only does it include Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, but also 3 additional meals of emergency food!  HUGE 750g entrees! Stove, fuel, cheese, sweetened condensed milk, nuts, and 3 additional meals! This thing has it all!

Best by date is 2021 and 2022.

MREs Include: 
1. Biscuits 200g (4pcs)
2. Canned Food 750g (3pcs)
3. Canned Cereal 100g 
4. Liver Pate 100g
5. Chocolate Paste 50g
6. Tonic Drink concentrate 25g
7. Milk concentrate 25g
8. Fruit Jam 45g
9. Coffe 2g
10. Tea 4g (2pcs) 
11. Sugar 60g (3pcs) 
12. Salt 5g
13. Pepper 1g
14. Portable Cooker
15. Waterproof Matches (6pcs)
16. Vitamins
17. Water Disinfection pill
18. Napkins (6pcs)
19. Spoon
20. Chewing Gum Mentos 3pcs
21. Сondensed milk 100g
22. Fruit Bar 50g
23. Tomato Sauce 60g
24. Second Dinner Food (Fastfood, 60g)
25. First Dinner Food (Fastfood, 40g)
26.  Breakfast Food (Fastfood, 60g)
27. Cheese 80g
28. Nuts 30g