Swedish Messy Cakes and Shortbread Cookies

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This is a secret imported cake hand made in Sweden. The name "messy cake" translates as a cake that can be eaten on the go directly from the pouch with no preparation. 

I call them "smash cakes"...I want to smash these in my face on the go, and they taste amazing! 

These are used by Swedish Special Forces soldiers for their small size, low weight, great taste and high energy/calorie content. 

  • Handmade from fresh picked natural berries and fruits
  • Packed in special mylar bags to preserve freshness for at least 2 years +
  • Vacuum packed in BPA free mylar and plastic
  • No chemicals, no preservatives, no dyes, all natural
  • Sold in PACKS OF 10 or 16

100 grams is ~342 to 390 calories, barely the size of a credit card 4" x 6"

Despite the playful name, this is performance food. Perfect for biking, hiking, climbing hunting. 

Also amazing just as a snack with some whipped cream :) 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, cocoa, citric acid, palm and rapeseed oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Beta Carotene. 

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