Lithuanian Combat Ration MRE meal ready to eat

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This is a single meal MRE issued to Lithuanian combat forces. 
Includes a flameless ration heater & folding stove with fuel tablets.
Contents are as shown in the picture.
Best by date is 2021 and 2022.
A complete review of this ration can be found HERE
The Lithuanian sausas davyinys (literally, "dry ration"), consists of a single meal plus accessories for one soldier. It comes packed in a thick green plastic bag measuring 180 x 300 mm and weighing between 635-685 grams. Most items are ready-to-eat; the main meal is in a poly-laminate retort pouch weighing 240 g, of which at least 100 g is meat. It may be eaten hot or cold, and the bag contains both a water-activated ration heating bag and a pack of fuel tablets with a disposable folding stove. 

Each ration contains:

1 x main meal (240 g)
2 x pack hard crackers (90 g)
1 x tub honey or jam (30 g)
1 x bag roasted almonds or hazelnuts (56 g)
1 x envelope vitamin C fortified fruit juice powder (30 g)
1 x envelope tea or instant coffee (2 g) or instant broth (10 g)
4 x bags sugar (12 g total)
1 x pkg dark chocolate (2 bars - 35 g total)
1 x ration heater
3 x fuel tablets (10 g each)
1 x box matches
1 x moist cleansing towelette
1 x zip tie (package tightening strap)

The below is a guide! Some menus change each year or quarter! 

1. pork w/rice, almonds, strawberry jam, orange drink, black tea
2. chicken stew w/vegetables, hazelnuts, honey, apple drink, instant coffee
3. beef & barley, almonds, black currant jam, lemon drink, instant chicken broth
4. pork & barley, hazelnuts, honey, orange drink, black tea
5. roast pork & vegetables, almonds, apricot jam, apple drink, instant coffee
6. stewed chicken w/buckwheat, hazelnuts, honey, lemon drink, instant broth
7. stewed pork w/buckwheat, almonds, strawberry jam, orange drink, black tea
8. roast beef w/buckwheat, hazelnuts, honey, apple drink, instant coffee
9. stewed chicken w/rice, almonds, black currant jam, lemon drink, instant broth
10. beef stew w/vegetables & potatoes, hazelnuts, honey, orange drink, instant coffee
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