Dutch Armed Forces 24 Hour Combat Ration Pack

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You are purchasing a new sealed Dutch military 24 hour combat ration pack. 
This complete ration pack has two modules: the "basis module" (breakfast, snacks, sides and accessories) and the "meal module" (with two full meals in thermostatic pouches, freeze dried pouches or cans) to make a complete 24 hour ration pack. 

Produced 2019, best by 2022

Each ration pack is hand


ENTREES ARE MASSIVE! 250-500 grams each! Very large portions.

5 lbs of food total

**Select your entrees from the drop-down menu above** 

Menu A Pouches: Pasta Bolognese + Chicken Jalfrezi

Menu B Pouches: Kale Stew with Sausage + Spinach with Meatballs

Menu C Pouches: Chicken Tikka Masala + Kale Stew with Sausage

Menu D Pouches: Chicken Jalfrezi + Spinach with meatballs

Menu E Freeze Dried: Pasta Bolognese with Beef + Chicken Korma Curry

Menu F Freeze Dried: Ham, Leeks, and Potato Hotpot + Beef Stroganoff w/ Rice

Menu G Freeze Dried: Chicken Risotto w/ Vegetables + Beef and Potato Hotpot

Menu H Freeze Dried: Peppered Beef w/ Rice + Pasta in Creamy Sauce w/ Herbs 

Menu I Cans: Chili Con Carne + Lasagne

Menu J Cans: Indian Chicken + Peas w/ Meat and Potatoes

Menu K Cans: Peas w/ Meat & Potatoes + Lasagne

Menu L Cans: Chili Con Carne + Indian Chicken


Each Ration Pack also includes: 
1x - Instant Porridge   (Breakfast)
1x - Fruitful Muesli      (Breakfast)
1x - Beef Soup                                         
1x - Chicken Soup                                         
2x - Hot cocoa beverage                                         
2x - Ice tea beverage                                         
3x - Pate                                         
1x - Jam                                         
3x - Coffee                                         
3x - Coffee Creamer                                         
6x - Sugar                                         
1x - Salt
1x - Pepper                                         
1x - Hot Sauce 
1x - Honey Roasted Peanuts                                         
2x - Fruit Biscuits                                         
1x - Brown Biscuits                                         
1x - Chewing gum                                         
1x - Dextrose tablets                                         
2x - Toothpicks                                         
1x - Tissue pack   

1x - Box of matches

All rations are best by 2019 ALL ENTREES IN STOCK
There are 4 total entree packets: two for breakfast (granola/oatmeal/muesli) and two lunch/dinners (silver thermostatic pouches, freeze dried pouches or cans). 
Please be aware of any potential food allergies! These are ready to eat, however for best food safety practices heat all entrees completely!

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